Information For Ticket Buyers

Information for customers who have bought tickets from our clients

Ticketix is a “self-service” platform which gives sellers the ability for ticket sellers to manage their own event listings, ticket sales, and order management. As a result, when you buy a ticket through Ticketix you are entering an exclusive contract with the ticket seller and we do not have any control over any issues which arise and therefore these should be directed directly to the ticket seller.

Ticketix will only ever intervene in extreme circumstances where refunds maybe issued. Special circumstances include, but are not limited to fraudulent activities and events which do not occur due the sellers fault. As a result, Ticketix does not accept any responsibility for any content which is found on ticket sales pages and issues arising with the events which you have bought tickets for and have no affiliation with any event seller, venue or event.

If you believe you have found some misuse of our system or fraudulent activity then contact us at and we will try and solve any issues. Ticketix strives to be the place to buy tickets for quality events.

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