Privacy Policy

Effective From 6th December 2021

Ticketix ('we', 'us') are commited to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This policy, with our terms and conditions (click here) and other relevant links and pages which are discussed in our terms and conditions, sets out our commitment we have with you ('the user') to use any of the information which you provide to us while using any of the services of Ticketix. Please ensure that you fully read and understand the following policy to ensure that you know what our views and practices are in terms of your personal data and how it will be treat by us.

1. The Website

Ticketix and its owners take a positive approach to user’s privacy and ensure all necessary steps to protect data when visiting Ticketix. This website complies with UK law and takes all steps to comply with all the relevant UK privacy laws. Ticketix is a both a data controller and data processor. In terms of a data controller all of the data we can collect can be found below in our privacy policy. As a data processor we process any data in relationship to your account such as event information, orders and anything data collected in regards to your events. It is your duty to ensure that you comply with all the relevant GDPR requirements for this data by including it in your own privacy policy which can be added in the box office. Ticketix is not liable for this data and is merely storing it for the use of the event provider.

2. What Do We Collect

In order to make Ticketix work as best we need to collect some personal details about you when visiting our website. We can collect information from the following methods:

  • Posting of forms which are located on our website on This includes, but not limited too; when registering for our services, contacting us via support forms, subscribing to our newsletter, posting data to our ticket buyer’s pages and asking for additional features.
  • Details of your visits to our website including where you came from, IP Address, times of visit, browser information and other tracking data for our own tracking data for our own surveys.
  • Credit card / debit card details using Stripe elements.
  • From filling out surveys we asked you to participate in
  • Any transactions which are bought through our site and any tracking information.

Please note that all payment transactions are controlled by external suppliers and any credit/debit card information and your billing address may be passed to these people in order to process your transactions.

3. Where Is Your Data Stored

Ticketix takes the security of any data which is stored on your server very important as a result take as many precautions we can to ensure that your data is secure. For that reason, any post forms on our site will always be protected by our SSL certificate supplied by Lets Encrypt. We also have an active firewall and anti-virus in service to ensure that any unexpected traffic is not allowed to access our site to try and limit breaches to our server. If you decide to register on our website, you will have to choose a password. When submitting this form, this password will be encrypted so none of our staff will have the ability to see what your password. As a result, Ticketix will NEVER ask for your password and therefore if anyone ever asks for your password reject to give to them and report it to use immediately. All of your data will be stored on servers which possibly could be out of the European Economic Area ("EEA"). These staff could also have access to your data occasionally for the processing of payment details, ordering tracking and support purposes. All of our staff however are trained in privacy protection to ensure that all data must be kept within the company. By submitting your personal data to our server, you agree with these transferring and processing regulations. We will try to keep your data safe by the policies stated in our privacy statement. Sadly, the internet isn’t fully safe and therefore any information you submit to our site we do not accept responsibility for any security breaches before it reaches our service. We will do as much as we can to eliminate these issues however. We do not store any credit / debit card details on our server and use a third party provider Stripe who have PCI Compliance to hold your details securely.

4. What Do We Do With Your Data

We use the data which you supply to us for the following purposes:

  • To ensure that the site is best presented to you based on your browser settings and location.
  • For marketing purposes where you have asked to be provided with marketing information, we will never send you any information without your prior information unless it is about our core services or your account.
  • To be able to operate the activities of selling tickets to your customers where the data will be shown to the customer before or after the sale.
  • To automatically collect the booking fees which you owe to us on a monthly basis.
  • To allow you to operate any of services which require additional information to be able to work.

5. Disclosure Of Your Data

We may disclose your data to third party activities for the following purposes:

  • For legal purposes such as to check your credit rating or ensure that you do not have any fraud history and to fulfil the purposes of our terms and conditions. We may also have to provide your details to the UK authorities if they request for your information for the purposes of an ongoing investigation.
  • In the process of buying or selling assets in which we may need to provide your details to the prospective buyer or seller.
  • If Ticketix is bought over by a third party buyer as your data will be one of the assets which they will purchase.
  • For marketing purposes, you will have to however give prior permission before we pass your data. Examples of this could be surveys or competitions which we hold.

6. Your Rights

You have the right for your information to be removed from any marketing lists which you have asked for in the past. A link will always be provided on any emails sent by us to remove you from the database. Otherwise you can email us at and we will be happy to remove it for you.

From time to time we may link you to other websites on our website. When clicking on these links this privacy policy no longer applies and their privacy policy will become in action. We do not accept any responsibility for any losses from visiting these sites as they are not always checked.

7. Access To Your Information

Under UK Law, we have to legally allow access to your data. If you want full access to any data on our servers about you, then contact us at – there will be a £25 admin fee for procession your information.

8. Changes

Occasionally we may change this privacy policy and we recommend you to check back to see if there are any changes from time to time.

9. Any Questions

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, then feel free to contact us at and will only be happy to help.