GDPR Compliance

What we've done to protect you and your customers.

We are fully compliant for all the regulations for GDPR and are continually checking our privacy policy in the future to ensure we always comply with all the regulations.

When using Ticketix you own all the data about your customers. Ticketix never has any interaction with your customers and will never ever contact them for any reason.

We ensure all your data is secure when using our service, you can find out more here. We are always keeping an eye out for new security risks and releasing fixes when required.

All your data is saved on servers based with the UK and Ireland. We however do use some third parties to provide our services to you. To find out about our third parties click here.

Ensure your customers are aware of your GDPR policies by uploading your own privacy policy which must be agreed by your customers before they are permitted to purchase their tickets.

Request permission to send emails to your customers about marketing or other services which you want to contact them about by having them approve via a checkbox when purchasing tickets.