Introducing Ticketix

1st June 2022
Introducing Ticketix

Out with the old, in with the new. Today we announce our company rebrand with our new name, Ticketix. Ticketix strives to bring you the best of Ploxel with further improvements to make your ticketing sales a better experience for both you and your customers.

When will the transfer happen?

We will slowly phase away from the Ploxel brand to Ticketix within the next couple of weeks. This will involve using our new domain The transition will be seamless and do not anticipate any disruption for our users.

Any transitional updates will be posted here and within the user dashboard.

Try our new version today with our open BETA

A rebrand also comes with new features! Don't worry all the old features of Ploxel that you love will still be available, but, based on your feedback we have made improvements across the platform. Some changes are small, such as tweaking UI, however we have made improvements to current feature suite along with introducing a bucket load of new features that will allow you to personalise your ticket selling experience even more.

To start using the new Ticketix platform, login to Ploxel and hit the BETA button. Both our BETA and current version use the same backend so you can swap between versions whenever you like.

Please note that this is a BETA version so there may be the occasional bug and all new features will not work when loading ticket pages using the Ploxel domain until we redirect all users to Ticketix.

Questions answered

Why are you changing the name?

We believe that Ticketix better represents our brand and says what we do in the name. This decision is purely based on user provided feedback.

Will my tickets and events be transferred?

We are not moving sites. It is only a name change so you are already using Ticketix.

Will all current features be on the new version?

We have lots of new exciting features on the new Ticketix which you can now try on our open BETA now.  The only feature to disappear is allowing you to sell tickets direct on Facebook due to changes to Facebook's policies.

What are the new features?

We will be releasing articles detailing all the changes with Ticketix over the next few weeks so keep checking our blog.

My customers have tickets sold on Ploxel will they work on Ticketix?

Yes, all tickets sold on Ploxel will work on Ticketix as we are not moving sites. It is only a name change so you are already using Ticketix.

I currently use the Widgets, do I have to do anything?

No, all Ploxel widgets, including our WordPress plugin, will automatically work on Ticketix and your customers will be automatically redirected to our new site.

I have linked all my customers to Ploxel, what will happen?

We will automatically redirect your customers to the respective page on the new Ticketix site. There is nothing you need to do.

Will there be any changes to my pricing?

No, all pricing will stay the same including charity rates.

I still have a question

Is your question not answered above? Then please get in touch with us at or message us via our support system and we will answer your queries.

Thank you,
The Ploxel / Ticketix Team.