Ploxel Updates February 2019 and Updates Going Forward

23rd February 2020
Ploxel Updates February 2019 and Updates Going Forward

You may have noticed the blog has been a bit quiet in the past few months but we have been here all along and promise to update the blog more frequently in the future with small improvements and experiences with our customers have when using Ploxel.

Any how we have released some small changes based upon customer feedback we would like to announce below.

Checkout Form Update To Allow Ticket and Date Specific Questions

This has been the most requested feature by you and we are now are happy to announce we have finally released it. When creating custom attendee options you can now limit which tickets the questions are shown, giving you the ability to ask specific questions for a specific ticket for example if you sell a 'Members only' ticket you could ask for their members number.

We have also released the ability to limit questions on the date of the event incase you have specific questions which you need to ask on each date such as extra terms and conditions which only apply to a specific date such as no under 18's for example.

Custom Price Tickets

Do you want to allow your customers to set their own ticket price? Well now you can with Ploxel. With the new custom price tickets feature you can set a minimum ticket price and allow your customers to pay how much they would like for their ticket. This gives the ability for your guests to judge thereselves how much they believe they should pay for there ticket and is something unique to Ploxel and your event. You never know it might go viral one day.

Delayed Payments

Want to allow your customers to pay you in person or just give them a little bit extra time to pay incase they don't have the funds upfront rewarding those who are first to get the tickets when they released? With delayed payments you can. By using delayed payments you can give you a specific date in which you must pay for their tickets to give them time to complete the payment whether this is by but not limited to cheque, in person, invoices, credit / debit card or any other method you would like them to pay. Once you have received the payment you can confirm the payment in the backend otherwise if it is not paid by a specific date which you set the tickets will be reallocated so other customers can purchase the tickets therefore leaving no empty spaces in your venue.

Cart Redesign

We know you will be already aware of this but we never formally announced it but our new cart design is now fully complete and all pages should be working under the new design with all sites using the old integration scripts being redirected to the new design. The new design brings a much cleaner design to your customers and also allows to add new features easier including extra payment gateways which we hope to add more soon. If there is a payment gateway then you would like - get in touch with us.

The Future

Finally we would like to give you a little update on a few features which are actively working on to improve your ticketing process.

  • Subscription payments - This will allow your customers to pay for their tickets over a specific period of time as split payments. This will help for those who have higher ticket prices instead of having your customers having to form up large payments upfront.
  • Limited Form Options - Limiting the form options will give you the ability for you to set a total number of times a form option can be selected. This will be helpful for places such as allocating customers to camp sites at a festival by giving your customers the choice of which area they would like to be allocated instead of being automatically allocated.
  • Order Emails Translation - We are one of the few ticketing platforms that now allow your customers of many different languages to buy tickets using the same cart script but we aware the order emails are currently not translated. We are hoping to resolve this very soon.

We have much more in the pipeline which are currently working on but we thought we would share these with you.

In the future we will be updating the blog more often and will be hopefully allowing guest posts so if there is something which you think is relevant to the ticketing industry or just events in general which our customers may be interested in then get the touch with us.

- The Ploxel Team